Smart Home Security and Access

Loxone’s security and access system is the best and most thorough way to ensure the safety of you, your loved ones and your property, no matter the threat.

Smart Security and Access Features

The smart security and alarm system allows for a multifaceted solution which is constantly looking out for you. Whether it is monitoring for fires, burglars and leaks, or enabling you to track that your children have arrived home safely from school, you know that your system is looking after your home and your loved ones. 

The benefits of security automation will typically include:

Control access by assigning specific permissions to each user.
Flexible integration with a wide range of electronic locks, doors, etc.
Presence simulation whilst you are away, mimicking natural behaviours to deter opportunistic burglars.
Automatically arm your alarm every time you leave the house.

Keeping Your Data Secure

Unlike other systems (IFTTT, Siri, Alexa), there is no storage or processing of your data in a cloud. Sensitive data, such as the number of people at home, schedules, camera images of door intercom systems, the status of the alarm system, etc. remain in your own four walls. 

The Loxone Smart Home proves that intelligent home control is possible even without a data cloud, and without any restrictions in functionality or operation. Thanks to this special approach, where the Miniserver brings everything in the house together at one central location, a Loxone Smart Home is much more powerful than many IoT devices and gadgets, which don’t offer the same reliability and functionality.

Smart Home Security and Access Installation from Automate London

At Automate London, we recognise that every project is as unique as our clients, which is why we offer a holistic and bespoke delivery of smart automation to each customer. 

Commitment to end-to-end installation means a highly experienced team is with you every step of the way - from concept to reality. Our friendly team of experts are available for guidance to help design, install and maintain, so you can be certain you’re getting the most out of your security and access system. 

Choosing Automate London to install your security and access system will provide more than just peace of mind; it will enable you to truly unlock the benefits of a fully automated smart building and ensure quality integration while empowering how you live. Loxone provides best value when combined with the extensive range of features. Why not check out the other feature pages on lighting control, climate control, multiroom audio and energy management?

Get in touch to discover how a smart home security and access installation from Automate London can fit effortlessly into your life.

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