Multiroom Audio Systems

Loxone’s multi-room audio system allows for endless flexibility and convenient living.

Multiroom Audio Control Features

Loxone's robust technology puts you in control of your home's audio with one easy-to-use system that goes beyond the capabilities of an independent speaker system:

Play different music in different rooms.
Use your audio system for smart notifications such as doorbell, security system and more.
Conveniently control from anywhere, using the Loxone app, AirPlay or your switch.
Infinitely scalable

Experience Seamless Audio Integration

Experience a simple yet impressive modern Hi-Fi solution with Quadral speakers. Loxone has partnered up with Quadral to bring an extensive range of high-end audio products, to reach peak performance with Loxone. Despite its impressive capabilities, the Audioserver takes up around ¼ of the space of other solutions. On top of this, the speakers are powered using an extra-low voltage amp, so you can increase the energy efficiency of your home while basking in the improved quality of its audio capabilities.

The capabilities of Loxone’s integration does not end there as Loxone can integrate with any other passive speaker of your choosing. You can also mix and match. Choose the highest performing home cinema speakers in your media room and simple in-ceiling Loxone speakers in the remainder of the rooms. You can have as many speakers as you like within your home with the infinitely scalable model of the audioserver. 

Create the perfect atmosphere when you choose Automate London for your multiroom audio installation. With over 40 years of combined experience, our team of experts are meticulous in delivering exactly what you’re looking for, flawlessly installing smart systems into your space. A multiroom audio system is simple to use and automates every audio aspect of your life - why not get started today?

Smart Home Audio Installation from Automate London

At Automate London, every project we do is bespoke. We use a holistic and personalised approach to installation with all of our clients. From concept, to implementation through to maintenance, our highly experienced professionals are on hand to guide you through each step of the process.  

Our team of experienced professionals are dedicated to providing end-to-end installation with a personal touch. We'll work closely with you to ensure the installation of your multiroom audio system runs smoothly and efficiently. 

Choosing Automate London to install your audio system means a comprehensive and reliable integration; transforming complex technology into intuitive smart home automation. Our solutions will enhance your space while remaining energy-efficient and sleek in design. Loxone provides best value when combined with the extensive range of features. Why not check out the other feature pages on lighting control, climate control, security and access and energy management?

Get in touch to discover how a smart home multiroom audio from Automate London can fit effortlessly into your life.

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