Smart Energy Management

With Loxone the heating, cooling, blinds, ventilation and even lighting will all work together in harmony to maximise your energy savings. 

Smart Home Energy Features

Energy saving with Loxone is multifaceted. The system aims to reduce your energy consumption, make best use of any energy produced through solar panels, and monitor both your consumption and production in an easy to use app. 

Smart presence detection turns off lights when you are not in the room.
Intelligently control and automate your heating and cooling system to ensure maximum efficiency without compromising on comfort.
Keep an eye on energy consumption with energy statistics in the app and device notifications. 
Integrate solar panels to make best use of your self-generated energy.

Excess Solar Management 

You can’t control the sun, but you can harness every ray to save valuable energy, reducing the energy costs of the building.  

However, during the day when solar yield is at its highest, electricity consumption within the home is typically at its lowest. Therefore, it is important for the surplus to either be stored, or intelligently used to get the most out of the energy production. 

Loxone monitors your total power consumption and integrates with your solar inverter to see that your immediate requirements are met. Any excess production can be redirected to charge your home battery or slowly charge your electric vehicle. Loxone can even pre-heat the hot water to save energy later in the day if you have any more to spare.

If you have a variable rate energy tariff Loxone can minimise energy pulled from the grid at peak-rates by scheduling large loads like your heat-pump or electric car to be charged at off-peak rates. 

Smart Home Energy Installation from Automate London


At Automate London, we see every project and client as completely unique. We put our focus on providing a holistic and integrated service, from planning and designing to implementation and maintenance. 

Our highly experienced and knowledgeable team of experts will ensure quality integration and provide personalised friendly support, so that you can get the most out of your smart home. 

Our specialists are available to provide expert advice and guidance throughout the entire process, helping you maintain a system that manages your consumption and cost savings. Our solutions will work in the background, while remaining sleek in design. Why not check out the other feature pages on lighting control, climate control, security and access and multiroom audio? 

Get in touch to discover how an energy management installation from Automate London can fit effortlessly into your life.

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