Automation of Three Contemporary Sustainable Homes

Developer: Kubo Homes 
Architect: Magnus Ström

Three impressive sustainable homes with smart lighting, climate, audio, access and security control, all designed and installed by Automate London.

The Brief

We were commissioned to deliver an extensive and holistic home automation solution in three contemporary homes, overlooking Poole Harbour and Purbeck Hills. Each property boasts 3,400 feet of floor space, lane pool, steam room, gym and double garage. As Kubo Homes are market leaders in the construction of sustainable homes, the brief was to celebrate sustainable living without compromising on ease of use and exceptional design.


In every room, there is a mix of elegant lighting fixtures, LED strip lighting and Loxone spots to create both a functional and aesthetic design, allowing for perfect lighting for every occasion. Presence sensors throughout means that the home intelligently delivers the right lighting mood at the right time. We even used intelligent presence sensing that enables the area outside the steam room to glow red if occupied.

Climate and Shading 

We also integrated the heating system within the Loxone system, controlling underfloor heating on all floors. This allowed for zoned heating control throughout each property, meaning each room could be set to different temperatures. This helped to lower energy consumption and supported the overarching aim of energy efficiency. 

Automatic control of blinds and curtains in most rooms takes energy efficiency to the next level. The system responds to rising internal temperatures by automatically closing the blinds/curtains to cool the rooms. 

Multiroom Audio

We installed discreet and high performing Loxone speakers in all rooms, resulting in a scalable multiroom audio solution throughout. One of the houses opted for surround sound in the garage, acting as an informal cinema room.


By integrating with motorised doors, Loxone also controls access to the pool infinity doors, roof skylights for maintenance purposes, gates and garage doors. 

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