Automation of a London Period Property 

The Brief

The brief was to provide a home automation solution which was coherent, simple and hidden, to honour the period features within the property. The client requested a system which provides full control over lighting, climate, security, access and multiroom audio, but did not want to compromise on the traditional design of a London period property. We have proven that home automation does not need to be at the forefront of the design, it can work quietly in the background.


We provided full lighting control using a mixture of traditional light fittings and Loxone spots to retain the traditional character. The automated nature of the lighting design has enhanced the property features and remains as discreet as possible. Presence sensing is used to deliver the perfect lighting mood when required. Loxone’s system adapts to the natural light in a room and given the substantial natural light in some parts of the property, the system regulates how much light is needed at any time.When the lighting is brought on, it mimics natural lighting conditions, regulating circadian rhythm. 


Heating and cooling control was integrated with Loxone to ensure each room is kept at the perfect temperature at all times, in the most energy efficient manner. The Loxone switches also act as smart thermostats, and can constantly monitor fluctuations in room temperatures from solar gain, meaning the system can act quickly to restore the desired temperature. This is great for properties with young children like our clients.

Multiroom Audio

We installed discreet and high performing Loxone speakers in all rooms, meaning different music can be played in different rooms - all at the same time. Presence sensors also enable presence-based audio in certain rooms.

Access and Security

We designed an extensive access and security solution consisting of coded entry and video intercom, which can be controlled using the Loxone app on fixed iPads or roaming phones, allowing for ease of use. The burglar alarm was integrated with lighting and audio to alert homeowners of breaches quickly and efficiently.

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